Creative Arts Participant Sign-Up

Creative Arts 2019 - Sun., July 28 6:00pm

Creative Arts is a spectacular showcase of the developing gifts and talent from Christ Church of Orlando. Here is what each participant is expected to participate in Creative Arts 2019. 1) This year we are stressing every performance to be Christ centered choosing Christian themes to show case. 2) We expect you to meet with your mentor two times before the dress rehearsal July 27, 10am. Every participant who is performing must attend the dress rehearsal and is required to perform and wear their costumes/clothing for the show Sunday evening. If there is something that conflicts with that date, please let Justin know ASAP. 3) Every participant is required to record a video bio either July 14 or 21. When you handed in your application you chose a date to record that. Justin will be scheduling times during those days to do the recordings. Please make sure to make this a priority so we can highlight you the best way possible. 4) We expect you to use good judgment in the words you say, the dance you perform, the clothes you wear, the picture you paint or the photos you take. We want to make this showcase appropriate for our entire church family to watch. We have asked your mentors to share guidance in these matters as well. 5) Every Participant must turn in their performance request by June 23 to be reviewed by Creative Arts Director. Please select one or more categories in which you will be participating. We will contact you soon to match you with your mentor/coach who will help you prepare for your showcase. Meeting with a mentor is mandatory in order to participate in Creative Arts 2019.

Participant Application (Ages 8-18)

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We are allowing students to pick their mentor to walk along side of them. We will do our best to match them up with the student. *Please take into consideration we try to match students and mentors up by their same talents and abilities. **Choosing does not guaranteed mentor for Creative Arts. Mentor is screened and process by Creative Arts Director.