Pastor Paul

Paul Valo is a native of western Pennsylvania.  He was born in Monessen--a small steel mill town.  As a young boy he had a gift to play the piano and eventually began to sing with his sisters.  At the age of 13 he started his first church choir and within a year had over 30 teens and young adults singing together under his direction.  Through his teen years, his love for music and the ministry continued to grow.  Upon graduating from high school he took a part-time position with his local church and simultaneously started his college career.  He is a graduate of California State College where he received his degree in Applied Arts (a combined study of music and fine arts.)  After graduating from college he worked as full-time church staff in western Pennsylvania until he relocated to Orlando.

During his career he has served as both Minister of Music and Single's Pastor, as well as a high school art and music instructor for 10 years.  He has also been featured speaker for many conferences, recording artist, as well as a regular staff writer for several publications. Most of all, he is a notable bible teacher with the heart of a true pastor.