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Christ Church of Orlando Children’s Department exists to grow children in the love of Jesus and to help them discover their God-given purpose.  We do this by providing a safe and nurturing environment for children where Biblical truths are taught.  Our volunteers are committed to partnering with parents in guiding children to becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Each week we have a 3-fold focus:
How does it relate to God?

How does it relate to them?
How does it relate to the world around them?  

We try to answer a child's toughest questions about God, salvation, and the church while also having a slammin' good time with games, music, songs, interactive skits, and our usual load of surprises that we keep up our sleeves!

In addition to our regular "Large Group" portion of service, we have created a special time in our services just for "Small Group" interaction with other kids, and a real ministry time for kids to ask those questions they were too nervous to ask in our Large Group setting. Our mighty youth team assist by serving as our Small Group Leaders that reach, teach and minister to our children. Not only do they teach but they set a great example for the kids to look up too!